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Good News, Bad News?

Hello shoppers!

Sorry for the site being out of hand for the past couple of weeks.
We've been veeeery busy lately.

And decided to close down.

OMG? CLOSE down?
Yes, indeed we are.

So, if you are interested in an item, do mail us first and we'll name you our best price!!
No kidding!

However, postage still has to be born by buyers as we will be marking down our prices, like MAJOR!

Simply click on the 'Available' link above to see what is still up for grabs!

We will still be keeping our GEOLens section open for the meantime.

If you do love us and support us, you would help us close down faster! xD


Comfy long, cottoney tank top. Square studs and round studs of at random spots to make up the pattern. Wear this with acid washed skinnies, stockings, liquid leggings or however you like it!

Code : TP008
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : White
Status : 1 Available

Price : RM35


Want a top that could be a dress at the same time? Get this lovely lycra-cotton long top that can be worn as both! Most importantly, comfortable! No kiddings.

Code : AS004
Size : Fits up to between M and L
Colour : Blue
Status : 2 Available

Price : RM38

*If you are an L, please email us for measurements.


Add on to your collection of outfits to fabulous parties and clubbings! Gentle details, soft PU, total comfort!

Code : AS003
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : Silver
Status : Available

Price : RM35


Code : AS002
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : Gold
Status : Available

Price : RM35


Code : AS001
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : Black
Status : Available

Price : RM35


Almost similar to Blink and Glitz. The only difference is that it is more body-fitting, and with a sexier print on! Leopard skin print. (:

Code : TP007
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : Black
Status : 1 Available

Price : RM38


Bling-bling top, suitable for parties! Wear with leggings, stockings, shorts, minis or however you like it! Slightly sheer.

Code : TP006
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : White
Status : SOLD

Price : RM35
Sales Price : RM32

Reviewed by Shopping Roll and Fashion Clicks!


Glittery long top which matches leggings, stockings and if casually, 3/4 denim pants! Try them with clinchers too. Slightly see through against the light but perfectly fine under the lights. (:

Code : TP005
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : Grey(Sold) and Gold
Status : Available in Gold

Price : RM35

Reviewed by Shopping Roll, Fashion Clicks and Diary Addictions!


Sexy studded zipper dress. Hit the dancefloor with this baby, and you'll shine in the lime light!

Code : DS004
Size : Fits XS and S
Colour : Black
Status : SOLD

Price : RM42
Sales Price : RM38

Reviewed by Shopping Roll and Diary Addictions!


A skirt smocked at the waistline and has a lacey hemline. Made of thick cotton which looks similar to denim. Soft and comfortable!

Code : SK003
Size : Can be stretched to fit M
Colour : Light Blue(Sold) and Dark Blue(Sold)
Status : SOLD

Price : RM28

Reviewed by Shopping Roll!


A simple skirt with a smocked waistline and a puffed hemline. Can be worn high-waisted. Has tiny embroided polka dots.
(Please request for close-up picture if interested)

Code : SK002
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : White and Pink(Sold)
Status : Available in White

Price : RM32


Puffy skirt with and elastic waistband that fits all sizes! Our very first skirts in stock. (:



Has belt hoops!

Side pockets with buttons.

Code : SK001
Size : Fits up to M
Colour : White(Sold) and Brown(Sold)
Status : SOLD

Price : RM25


Striped-pattern tank top that flares down from the upper bodice. Lovely V-neck for a thinner look.

Little pockets at the front.

Code : TP003
Material : Cotton
Size : Fits XS and S
Colour : Pink(Sold) and Green(Sold)
Status : SOLD OUT

Price : RM20

Reviewed by Fashion Clicks!